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Elite Martial Arts Reviews

My daughter has been taking karate at Elite Martial Arts for almost a year now. She loves it! The teachers really care and respect the kids. They are wonderful instructors! Couldn’t ask for a better dojo!! So if your looking, check Elite out and you will not be disappointed!

Cindy Allen

Seeing the kids interact with one another with such respect, while smiling - made me fall in love with this space! Plus Zumba, pound and yoga! Great space for the whole family.

Christina Watkins

My son began attending Elite after being invited by his cousin. He was hooked right away. Classes are informative and fun. After joining, Covid hit. Elite adapted and continued classes online, which gave my son an active outlet during stay at home orders. My son enjoys learning his new moves and katas and meeting new friends. The instructors provide positive feedback and teach various themes like respect and integrity. While the drive for us is far, 20-45 minutes depending on traffic, I don’t think any school closer to us would compare.

Shawna Sheehan

Fantastic school. The owner, instructors and families are helpful and welcoming. My son has enjoyed his experience here. The school instills discipline and confidence in the students while also providing a fun environment.

Anthony Laratonda

The instructors have created a welcoming environment that feels like family. They are extremely fair in showing each kid equal attention. The kids respect the instructors because the instructors respect the kids. They are teaching core values and disciplines that our kids will carry around with them for the rest of their lives. I highly recommend this dojo!

Robin Ferraro

Great patience with the kids. My daughter started 2 years ago and then I joined a year after her. Its a great bonding experience that we both enjoy.

Cory Rudy

After much research and attending a event, we enrolled our son November of 2019, and he loves it! They also offer many different events open to the community. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful at the dojo.

Kayla Smith

My daughter has been a student at Elite Fitness since she was four years old. She’s almost nine years old, and still absolutely loves coming to karate each week. Her karate career has given her confidence and discipline to shape the person she’s becoming.

Tori Nguyen

I love it here. Good quality instructions. Family friendly. Great place for kids but plenty of adults as well.

Mike Lacoste

My daughter decided to restart martial arts. Elite Martial Arts checked all the boxes. She is engaged in the classes and is excited to participate.

Ian Taggart

Great karate school! Been going here for 2 1/2 years and plan to get my black belt. Great blackbelts to learn from. Excellent quality!!!

Jason Wolf

Great place! My son has learned so much. They did an excellent job continuing through the classes over Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jordan Wertz

Amazing school with wonderful instructors. My son has grown immensely since becoming a part of the dojo. Highly recommend.

Christine Rigling

Instructors are caring, classes are interesting and challenging for all skill levels. One nice thing is the real-world scenarios that are offered - how to defend against a bully, how to defend against someone with a knife, etc. Glad my family comes here!


This is a great place to learn karate, great family atmosphere. I would recommend this place to anyone.

April L.

Both myself and my daughter have been coming here for a few years and we love it. It’s a great family environment and it’s brought us closer together.

Byron Purcell

My Boys and I are students here. We enjoy the experience and find the environment supportive and friendly.

Tom Bailey

My family and I all take karate and we love it! Best decision we have ever made.

Nicholas Sheetz

My son joined over a year ago and absolutely loves it!


My children have a great time there. It teaches them self-confidence, self-defense, discipline, and of course karate. They have a new program called ninja trix. My 4 year old loves it. As for the instructors, they really know what they are doing. Very skilled at what they do.

Scott Greenfield

Our family of four joined a year and a half ago and instantly felt like part of the family. We have all worked very hard to earn our ranks and have been met with motivating & supportive instructors. I'm not sure who is having more fun, my 10 & 12 year old boys or my 40 year old husband :)

Aubrey Sheetz

Great family environment! And fantastic place to learn and advance.


the instructors are very caring.

Brenda Rudy

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! Definitely going back for more classes.

Amy Smith-Dingus

My daughter has been a student here since she was 4 years old. She was very shy and reserved at first, but the instructors really worked with her and brought her out of her shell. You can tell how much the instructors care about the kids.

Tori Nguyen

My son Tannis is a student here and we love the one on one training he receives. He enjoys the comrade that has been built since he joined last May. Great School, Great People and Great Experience!

Sue Evans Trump

At Elite MA we help build a lifetime of confidence and relationships with our students.

Chad Johnson

my daughter's confidence has gone up ..she is learning a lot !!!!😁😁😁

Trudy Torres

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