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Devin Hogue

Kids Karate near New Cumberland

Devin Hogue

2014-2016 Studied Isshinryu Karate in his home dojo in Lewisberry with select group of other students, 2 masters and a sensei.

2016-current Devin continues training and teaching at Elite Martial Arts in Lewisberry

April 2017 Devin receives his Sho Dan, Black Belt

December 2019 Devin receives his Ni Dan, 2nd degree Black Belt

June 2021 Devin receives his San Dan, 3rd degree Black Belt – Sensei Rank !

Devin has been the Chief Ninja for the Ninja Trix program that opened the door for students to learn parkour, gymnastics, and karate.
A patient and relatable “big brother” figure for many students, loved by all.

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